Friday night is quiz night: Not in her name either, apparently


Spotted: at the anti-war rally last week just a few days before the protest’s organisers – the Stop the War Coalition – refused affiliation to Hands Off the People of Iran for the crime of openly opposing Iran’s holocaust denying theocratic regime.

All you have to do is use your skill and judgement to guess who this new stop the war protestor is. Here’s a further clue:

Asked whether there was any difference between Blair and Brown in power, she said that both were clearly pro-Zionist rulers, as all British Prime Ministers have been since Disraeli.

“Do you hope that this demonstration will influence Prime Minister Brown?” the reporter asked. “No – I hope that it will influence our servicemen to stay at home. Already in World War II, on both sides, we lost too many brave men and women. Otherwise we would have millions more accompanying us bravely standing firm against pro-Zionist, Biblically aggressive influence. As Bertrand Russell (founder of CND which is the co-sponsor of today’s march) said on his deathbed in 1970: ‘Every [Israeli] expansion is an exercise to discover how much more aggression the world will tolerate.'”

Answer here.

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