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Not in her name, eh? The person in the photo is none other than Michele Renouf, a notorious neo-Nazi, anti-semite and supporter of David Irving.

Now, it might be hard for the Stop the War Coalition to prevent anybody who feels like it coming to a public place to protest with them (although in the past the left has easily managed to persuade fascists they are not wanted around them) but surely some of them must be concerned that Stop the War and the far right now seem to be sharing the same agenda? Since when has the far right ever wanted to march with the left?

This new shared agenda appears to involve attitudes to Israel and “Zionism”. The StWC is doing itself few favours by expelling decent, principled Iranian leftists like HOPI while welcoming with open arms the islamists and anti-semites from organisations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim Association of Britain with extremely dubious social and political agendas.

Well done Galloway, Andrew Murray, John Rees and Phoney Benn how much further down can you drag the UK’s anti-war movement? Making anti-semitism on the left respectable again seemed like a low point but the looming possibility of the first far-left/far-right coalition in British history takes us to a whole new low indeed.

Hat tip: Harry’s Place

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  2. Bluebaldee says:

    My God what a ghastly woman!

    Never heard of her before but I’ve just checked out her website (linked from her Wikipedia entry) and there’s photos of her fawning over Ahmadinejad at last year’s Holocaust denier’s conference in Tehran. The rest of it is neo-Nazi, anti-semitic ramblings of a quite unpleasant nature.

    What strange bedfellows today’s confused and fractured political world throws up.

  3. thebristolblogger says:

    Hey Bluebaldee – off-topic I’m afraid – but my question to Kerry McCarthy has been published on her blog! OK she hasn’t answered it yet but it’s a start . . .

    PS. It seems Kerry’s changed her blogspot address again: it’s now http://kerry-mccarthy.blogspot.com

  4. laman says:

    Shut up idiot.

  5. redzone says:

    “shut up idiot”

    did it really take you 2 years & 2 months to think up that response? 😯

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