Redland Green as expensive as Clifton College shocker!!!

Redland Green School badgeThe Evening Cancer yesterday reported Redland estate agents’ claims that house prices in the catchment area of Redland Green School have risen by up to 15%.

This means a house in the catchment area once costing £500,000 would now cost £575,000. That’s an extra £75,000 cost if you want to educate your kids at Redland Green.

Alternatively you could send your child as a day pupil to the exclusive Clifton College at cost of £5,000 a term or £15,000 a year. The total cost over the five years of your child’s secondary education? £75,000!

Is Redland Green the most exclusive state school in the UK? I think we should be told.

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  1. Al Shaw says:

    The difference is that when you come to sell your Redand house in five years time it will be worth potentially £734,000, even if it rises in value by a modest 5% per annum.

    So, Redland Green still represents the financially smart move.

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