Litigious Russian oligarch alert!

Oligarch Alisher Usmanov, who’s trying to buy Arsenal Football Club, is currently using London lawyers Schillngs to prevent bloggers revealing unsavoury facts about his behaviour and background.

Bloggers who’ve been pulled off the web over the last 24 hours include Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads and former FO ambassador turned anti-war campaigner, Craig Murray. Ireland also runs Boris Johnson’s website which is also temporarily unavailable.

Craig Murray’s Usmanov story is here:

Also here:

Report in the Media Guardian, including observant quote from Boris:

“This is London, not Uzbekistan.”

Saturday 22 September
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19 Responses to Litigious Russian oligarch alert!

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  6. I know you’ve been known for inacuracy before, but are you serious when you say Tim Ireland runs Boris’s website? Really? Did you ever read his blog? See his Anne Milton campaign?

    Good grief, this blog’s not slipping, it’s slipped. That’s a pretty major factual error.

    For your info, they all shared a server company, in Gloucester i believe.

  7. Bluebaldee says:

    That bloke Usmanov sounds like an absolute delight. A violent criminal thug who’s trying to buy respectability.

    If I was an Arsenal fan I wouldn’t want him within a million miles of my club and anyhow, I’ve heard that he supports Man Utd!

    Although he’s instructed his hound-like lackeys at Schillings to bully the bloggers, it’s somewhat curious to discover that Usmanov hasn’t actually sued Craig Murray.

    Murray has published his allegations in a book called “Murder in Samarkand”, yet Usmanov and his free speech-suppressing pals at Schillings have decided not to test those allegations in a court of law.

    Funny that.

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  10. thebristolblogger says:

    Re: Tim Ireland and Boris. I got my info’ from Chicken Yoghurt:

    This also means that the family of websites that Tim and Clive (whose site is also down) look after are also currently AWOL. So if you’re missing the online presences of Craig Murray, Bob Piper or prospective candidate for London mayor Boris Johnson, now you know why they’ve gone

    And Iain Dale:

    those of Craig Murray, Bob Piper and Boris Johnson have all gone too, as they are run from Tim Ireland’s webhost’s server.

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  16. Phil says:

    Oh BOY! has this been a long time in coming.

    This IS EXACTLY what we have been waiting for in this country

    This case can be the launching platform for LAW reform and release of ineffectual LAWS restricting the PUBLIC of Britain.

    I further suggest that this campaign be termed ‘An Usmanov’
    Dictionary definition
    Usmanov [uzmanov]
    A pathetic attempt to pervert the LAW of the land and suppress freedom of speech.
    Similar phrase(s) [MORON][PATHETIC]

    This attempt should not be swept under the carpet, It should not stop until the press retract ALL the comments forced on them by the attorneys and Usmanov and the exact letters to the press and the supporters web sites be made public.

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