Here’s a story from the front page of today’s Cancer – “The campaigning newspaper of the year” – marked in large red letters as an EXCLUSIVE:

The next chief executive of Bristol City Council will be paid about £180,000 a year, a £30,000 increase on current supremo Nick Gurney’s salary. And the council may spend up to £70,000 in recruitment fees just to find the right person.

Now here’s The Blogger’s article ‘Meet the new boss…‘ from September 14 2007:

The new proposal seems to be to parachute yet another dodgy old Tory bureaucrat with a dubious track record in from the shires to “transform” the city council and pay them a wage of £180k a year instead!

. . . the senior officers have already gone ahead – without bothering to consult anybody elected – and employed a company of corporate ‘headhunters’ – Rockpools – on a retainer of £70k to run their new recruitment process for them.

So that’s what Norton and the boys down at The Cancer call an exclusive now is it? Someone else’s eight day-old story. What a bunch of losers.

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4 Responses to EXCLUSIVE?

  1. If Gurney was given performance-related pay he’d be paid very little and certainly not £150,ooo plus a £60,000 a yr pension!

    Frankly I feel disgusted at the plan to pay his successor 20% more. Many workers will only get 2 or 3%.

    Socialism is completely dead in the Bristol Labour Party if they are happy with this.

  2. pest hater says:

    I assume the journalist never told the Editor where he got his story from 🙂

  3. Bloody hell – They can have me at half that price. What a deal! Am on the phone now to Helen and I think she is interested – lol!

  4. Jozer says:

    Oh dear! Even if you believe that the right person may be worth that sort of money, experience shows that BCC do not want the right person, they want a spineless time-serving local government hack who wont rock any boats.

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