Rock 'n' Roll Bristol style

Massive Attack - Daddy G

James Barlow today blogs about this tool that reveals where anonymous Wikipedia edits have originated from. One entry from someone at Bristol City Council throws up this little gem about Grant from Massive Attack:

“On the morning of Friday, 8 December, Marshall visited Herbert’s Bakery, on York Road in the Montpelier district of Bristol. He bought a single pasty and asked for a carrier-bag. On being told that, for sustainability reasons, he would have to pay 5p for the bag, he demanded to speak to ‘whoever is in charge’. Another customer pointed out that it was reasonable to charge for carrier-bags in order to discourage their excessive use, and particularly so in this case as he only had one pasty and lived just around the corner. However, he insisted on being given a name and address, to whom he could write and complain about what he saw as the excessive cost of a bag.”

Rock ‘n’ Roll or wot?

(Mind you, bet he’s in favour of free corn starch bags for recycling food waste)

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3 Responses to Rock 'n' Roll Bristol style

  1. BristleKRS says:

    I can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that our bread-loving pop star was given a carrier bag without even asking when purchasing rolls and the like from Pullens bakery stall last Friday during the Farmers’ Market.

    Sadly I can’t conclusively confirm the status of gratuitous plastic bag distribution at the seafood stall, where next our champion of consumer rights was spotted, but rest assured no managers were called for.

  2. BristleKRS says:

    ++ STOP PRESS ++

    Please replace ‘last Friday’ in the previous message with ‘the Wednesday before last’; I repeat, there was NO KNOWN LOAF INCIDENT ON FRIDAY, this was a MIDWEEK BREAD PURCHASING SITUATION FROM THE OTHER WEEK.

  3. mapreader says:

    Amusing edits on 27/07/07:

    Looks like a successful Friday afternoon in the pub for someone.

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