Pass the sickbag: Writers' Rooms

This week’s toe curling effort in The Guardian Review’s regular Pseuds Corner slot, ‘Writers’ Rooms’, comes from pretentious old fart, Picasso biographer John Richardson. The upper class twit says:

“I loathed school, but the advantage of going to Stowe was its fantastic 18th Century architecture and landscape layout, which gave me a passion for classical architecture from the age of 13.”

The other advantage of going to Stowe of course is that it affords you to live opulently in Manhattan incessantly name-dropping to wide-eyed journalists.

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2 Responses to Pass the sickbag: Writers' Rooms

  1. Greengage says:

    How strange! After your impassioned diatribe against people buying newspapers, a quote from a Guardian article which doesn’t seem to appear in the online version. I hope you were reading it in the library…

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    Don’t get clever sonny!

    What’s happened to your blog?

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