Leadership: Bristol City Council style

We’re only paying ’em £150,000 a year between them. So I suppose it’s too much to ask Labour’s Education Exec Derek Pickup or the city council’s Director of Education, Heather Tomlinson, to explain to us why the results that have just been released for primary school kids in Bristol have fallen.

It seems that way as both of them are – entirely coincidentally – “on holiday”. Presumably it never crossed either of their minds to take a holiday after the publication of these results? Or maybe co-ordinate their holidays so they’re both not away at the same time like every other fucker has to?

Never mind. They’re gonna let us know what they think when they eventually swan back in to work at the end of the month with their sun tans and duty free. You can only applaud the commitment.

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2 Responses to Leadership: Bristol City Council style

  1. sur says:

    I think you will find that these results relate to the year that the lib dems were in control, why should Derek Pickup answer for them?

  2. YorkRoad says:

    Because he is the person who now has to improve things.

    He aint interested in improving standards in our schools all he is interested in is taking home is pay packet

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