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Here’s an interesting one. Last week Labour’s transport executive member Mark Bradshaw, who’s gone to the effort of actually getting elected by us, told the Evening Cancer he was not in favour of the proposed South Bristol ring road and that it “won’t work”.

Saturday saw a response, also in The Cancer, from the unelected SWRDA who argued “the ring road is the key to unlocking the areas potential and attracting big business to the south of the city”. They also argued that the road was vital for the regeneration of the south of the city.

It’ll be interesting to see whose view prevails on this in the long-run. Will it be the view of our democratically elected councillors, the vast majority of whom are overwhelmingly against the road? Indeed new council boss Helen Holland was re-elected this year on the basis of an election campaign against the ring road.

Or will it be the view of the unelected businessmen with Merchant Venturer connections that make up some of the SWRDA board members?

Watch this space.

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