MoD's PR army

Further proof – as if it’s really needed – that this country’s run by a class of self-perpetuating loonies was provided by the Sunday Telegraph today.

The paper reports that the MoD has only just discovered that it has 1,000 press officers working for them and “no clear idea” who they are, what they’re doing, how much they’re costing or whether they’re achieving anything. Neither is anyone too sure who’s in charge of them as just 107 of them work for the MoD’s Director General of Media Communications, Simon MacDowall.

So completely out of control is the situation MacDowall had to commission a report – at great expense – to find out what the hell was going on in his own department. The report says: “We have no clear idea of the number of people involved in defence communications work or their costs. Over 1,000 people in MoD have a media/communications job code. This excludes many military personnel involved in communications work.”

The Office of National Statistics estimates the cost of this army of unmanaged public relations idiots at around at least £39m a year. Meanwhile the real army goes without essential equipment and supplies while operating in brutal war zones. Well done chaps!

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