Camerons in detergent up-the-nose shocker!

DetergentDavid Cameron

It’s caution to the wind over on the Bone Blog as lurid allegations of David Cameron and wife Samantha’s wild ‘n’ crazy cocaine sessions back in the day in Bristol finally emerge.

It’s alleged the pair took cocaine together after nights out at the Montpelier Hotel in the city. Not if they brought the stuff upstairs at the Mont – where “finest Columbian” gak was available round-the-clock for gullible students – they didn’t.

What Dave and the fragant Samantha were likely to have snorted was a bit of dodgy amphetamine – purchased earlier in the evening at the Old E just down the road – mixed with industrial strength detergent from someone’s household cleaning cupboard and a lot of glucose.

Lovely. These Tories, they’re so glamorous aren’t they?

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