It had to end like this. The signs were all screaming at them – the debt, the flawed business model, the lack of public support, the insulting PR, the cheerleading local press more concerned with helping out mates than objective reporting, the disorganisation, the petty rules, the highhandedness, the “we know what’s best for you” middle class moralising, the last minute license, the arguments – it was never, ever going to work.

The second day of this year’s Ashton Court Festival has been cancelled at the first drop of rain. Access for emergency vehicles is not possible we’re told. In other words very basic infrastructure had not been put in place.

Surely now there’s gonna be some rethinking and some listening happening? Or are the smug gits in charge just gonna carry on calling their critics freeloading junkies?

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2 Responses to Fiasco!

  1. Simon says:


    Was a completely poor attempt at organizing a festival. Your right about the press especially just helping out mates, this is one thing i’ve noticed about Bristol since moving here – not just in the press, but in the line up of AC itself. What were the Nova Saints doing as main support? They haven’t done anything to warrant such a good slot! Mig, their manager, who was organizing the festival ironically should be ashamed of himself.

    They said this was a Bristol bands festival, but no oppurtunities were given to the Bristol and South West bands who are actually doing well for themselves.

    Take Ulysees for example – from Bath admittedly but pack out every Bristol gig they do.

    Or Saturdays & Sundays who are from Bristol, have played more gigs than anyone else i can count whos unsigned, have been to Europe to play and have a single out through a London label.

    The COunterfeits who also play countless gigs, same as bearknuckles!

    All these bands have done more than people like the Nova Saints and its not fair that they were not given a chance.

  2. Dan says:

    I suppose it’s inevitable that bands/mates of bands not selected for Ashton Court will bleat and grumble about it all being SO unfair.

    I’d say that overall it was a really strong line-up that reflected a good chunk of the Bristol scene over the last 12 months from what I’ve seen in my sporadic gigging/Venue reading/myspacing.

    If what you’re saying is true then yes, nepotism sucks but isn’t the music industry built on it? Get over it and toughen up.

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