Ashton Court… The final PR shambles

Ashton Court 2.00pm 15/07/07

Here’s their website at 2.00pm today. They haven’t even got around to announcing it’s cancelled yet! Should guarantee a good few more disappointed punters at the site than necessary though.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I know, yet the organisers are managing to do interviews for local radio stations (they obviously can’t get anyone who understands how to update websites out of bed). It’s pathetic really, especially since the weather forecast has been predicting heavy rain for today for some time. Why couldn’t they put the metal sheets down that they have at most festivals so that emergency vehicles can get around easily? Will this be the end of the festival and do they have insurance to cover the cost of refunds to punters and stall holders? A fiasco indeed.

  2. Jozer says:

    So, with rain forecast from some time back, they had no plans in place for coping with it.

    An organiser has also been quopted as saying that they will now need to look at what it means for their finances. So they had no worst case scenario/cancellation finance projection worked out?

    If all the effort they have put into spin, misinformation and muckspreading any critics had gone in to advance planning, could things have been a bit different?

  3. S F says:

    I think the schadenfreude is actually a bit pathetic. Tens of thousands of Bristolians enjoy going to the festival, and were looking forward to it this year. Well, apart from the lamers who say, as usual, that its “not the same as it was” – which is more to do with the fact that they are now grumpy old men and dont still take the mountains of drugs that used to make it more fun for them “back then”.

    Bands, traders and attendees have all lost out because of the weather; which let’s not forget would still have rained it off even if there hadnt been an alcohol ban, and if there hadnt been a fence, and even if it had been free. Oh yes, remember that wont you.

  4. Jozer says:

    ..but wouldn’t have rained it off if there had actually been stuff in place to cope with rain. Y’know. As has been forecast for a couple of weeks now.

  5. Jografer says:

    Reports are that there will be no festival next year, as the debts for last year & this will be too large.

    So there will be a great opportunity for all the critics, who know so much better, to organise a free festival in 2009.

    Although of course it will involve a deal more work & a deal less whinging than we’ve seen to date….

    anyone out there holding their breath… no, me neither…

  6. bristolguy says:

    Jozer, the festival was ÂŁ100 000 in debt from last year. There is no worst case scenario/cancellation plan that will rectify this when you are faced with such a bad situation. the festival simply had to go for two days this year, no exceptions.

    The organisation of the festival on the ground left a lot tobe desired. The stage I was performing on (F2) was not ready until 6 hours after i was supposed to have opened. And when I say not ready, I mean it did not even have any speakers or electricity until 30 mins before it finally opened.
    There were a lot of children and teenagers waiting for that stage, kids with real talent. Yet they were forgotten about while the stages were dominated by crap bands.

    Variety inmusic seemed to have gone out of the window, with anything other than the ‘rock’ sound only being played on a CD in between bands.

    Nevertheless there is a lot of bollocks written by people on Indymedia, who criticise everything about the festival, and yet don’t go, don’t perform, don’t volunteer and take great pleasure in the fact that the weather made it simply unsafe for the festival to go ahead.

    Perhaps it will take the festival having a break for a few years for it to come back even better, if it does come back at all?

  7. Lets see says:

    Yes Jografer , I cant wait for next year’s brilliant revivial, where the critics put on a wonderful free festival that will be “just like it was”. I really cant wait 🙂

  8. paul nash says:

    che guavara will not let me post
    up yours TOSSPOT

  9. Andy says:

    Bindymedia isn’t publishing loads of comments. Wankers.

    I think the festival has completely sold out and it’s best that it’s retired rather than turn into a smug “second Glastonbury” overrun by thugs, cops and trendy yuppies while the sorts of people who invented music festivals are increasingly sidelined by these vampires.

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