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Well rah, rah, rah, jolly hockey sticks and hurrah! hurrah! This looks like terrific fun what? Our very own genuine Tory voice of Oxbridge, private education and privilege (surely modern Conservatism? Ed) right here in Bristol.

The Blogger’s favourite Tory candidate for Bristol North West, Charlotte Leslie, has now started a blog in which the main aim appears to be to create the impression she lives in Bristol. She doesn’t of course. She lives and works – for Cameron’s Tory Party – in London, just like her Oxbridge educated New Labour barrister opponent, Sam Townend, in fact!

Her blog proves one thing at least. The best schooling money can buy, an Oxbridge education and flitting from Westminster think tank to Westminster think tank don’t mean you can write. This is gonna be fun.

Charlotte’s blog is now on The Blogger’s blogroll along with fellow South Gloucestershire Tory Nicolas Webb who covers some Bristol issues.

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