Tinfoil helmet Tory loonspud councillor of the month

Tinfoli helmet man
A man in a tinfoil helmet

Well done the people of Bradley Stoke for electing Tory Councillor Brian H Hopkinson. This totally bonkers amateur climate change theorist reckons that air flights actually reduce global warming!

How so you wonder? Well, the good councillor explains all in The Evening Cancer in a response to our good old blogger friend Vowles The Green, apparently a no-nothing associate lecturer in environment at the Open University:

Immediately following 9/11, global warming researchers found that after just a few days of no air traffic over America, temperatures went up by two Celsius over normal.

From that discovery and much more extensive research they found that the vapour trails produced from aircraft contribute to what is called the glimmer affect, where warming of the atmosphere by sunlight is also reduced.

Ergo, if we stop all fights, which some so called eco-friendly experts propose, we may well accelerate our demise even quicker.

Ergo indeed. And it must be true ’cause it’s on the internet. Let’s get flying then folks…

Meanwhile yet another nutter writes to the Cancer today with an utterly sensational plan for tackling global warming:

As the [poles] now fast disappear, why not replace them with some form of reflective “plate”? And not just where the ice and snow used to be. How about our scientists testing reflective “plates” in, say, batches of several square miles in the world’s deserts, such as the Sahara, the Gobi, Nevada, even Australia.

This might, just might, help to prevent global warming and, who knows, stop some of the disastrous and torrential rain we all have recently witnessed.

Wow! Like save the earth by constructing giant tin foil helmets in the desert. Why didn’t we think of that? Thanks Harry White of Westbury-on-Trym. Don’t know whether he’s a Tory Councillor but he certainly looks like he’s got what it takes.

Vowles the Green has done a full rebuttal of Hopkinson’s vapour trail theory here.

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  2. Dona Qixota says:

    Maybe that’s why some of them keep jetting to and fro from USA, Oz etc – they’re just altruistically trying to “save the planet” (ghghgh) you know.


  3. Dave says:

    Isn’t that what Cllr Shirley Marshall was alleged to have been doing, between Bristol and the US?

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