Golly! Bunter wants a job

Cabinet of all the talents

A shameless pitch today from Bunter Eddy to today’s Evening Cancer for a job in the cabinet. After his and Peter Abraham’s vomit inducing moral homilies and lectures to the Lib Dems on responsibilty and integrity on Tueday night, we now find Bunter, as usual, heading at breakneck speed to the lowest common denominator by selflessly offering himself to the service of the city in a Labour-Tory coalition to save the home care service.

This offer has nothing to do, of course, with the fact that Bunter will do anything to get some power and that the refugees from Henbury golf club that make up the Bristol Tory Group under his leadership haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of winning an election and forming a cabinet under his leadership. Ever.

So surely this isn’t a case of Eddy shamelessly thrashing about desperately trying to get his hands on any little bit of power any way he can? Is it?

To confirm the strength of his conviction the dope says this about the Lib Dems:

“The Lib Dems do not have the competence, character or conviction to govern effectively.”

Presumably the way to demonstrate competence, character and conviction then, is to pimp yourself in the pages of the local press?

Labour leader Helen Holland, so far, is rebuffing Eddy’s heartfelt offer. “I feel that there’s an element of party political game-playing here,” she told The Cancer. Apparently with a straight face.

Meanwhile over on the Lib Dem supporting Labourwatch blog they’re reporting rumours of a potential Labour-Conservative coalition in Bristol. What can it all mean?

(Cartoon by Evelyn Post. Evelyn Post is The Bristol Blogger’s resident cartoonist. He has a woman’s name)

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