Where the Blogger leads the mainstream follow…

Firstly, a couple of new links added to the site:

A Labour-friendly blog from some of the crisis hit home care staff threatened with privatisation, redundancy and pension cuts – http://bristolhomecare.blogspot.com/

A new Ashton Court Festival blog where you can donate money to pay off their debt and have another festival this year – http://www.weloveashtoncourtfestival.com. There’s a flashing icon on the right of the page they’ve kindly provided too.

Meanwhile, only a month in and it looks like The Blogger is already beginning to set the local news agenda for the ‘professionals’.

Here’s an Evening Cancer headline from last Friday 20 April:

Divide and rule...

Which seems remarkably similar to what The Blogger was saying on Wednesday April 18:

Election round-up

And Venue’s getting in on the act too. Here’s The Blogger on Wednesday April 11 and Thursday April 12 on Dan Norris MP:

Dan the fabricator

And here on Wednesday 18 April is Venue’s pseudonymous ‘Joanna Houseman’ (geddit?) on… Well blow me down with a feather if it’s not Dan Norris…

Dan Norris - Venue

Feel free to take my stories then chaps. Oh and don’t bother with any acknowledgements if you don’t want – they’ll only make you look like you get your stuff off the internet.

And finally…

I see today both The Cancer and BBC West have both seen fit to report as lead stories the fact that some bloke who used to live in Bristol has had some of his paintings sold at auction.

Ring any bells? Here’s The Blogger on Monday:

Banksy pant wetting

How does The Blogger do it?

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3 Responses to Where the Blogger leads the mainstream follow…

  1. Mainstream says:

    Please don’t flatter yourself that anyone would steal the stories of some nihilist nobody on the web. They come from proper sources; newswires, reading press releases between the lines, but mainly from contacting people and doing research. It’s called journalism.

    Looking at some of the other entries here, I wonder how you to be so spiteful. Frustrated ambition? Dumped by your girlfriend? Or are you just stuck with a mortgage in some dead end job (where you think you’re ten times as clever as everyone else around you), living out your Walter Mitty fantasies of “investigative reporting” from your computer at night?

    Like 95% of “bloggers” you seem to think that taking stories from the press, TV or the internet and adding your own opinions makes you some kind of crusader. It doesn’t. It makes you just another loser with no social life (unless we could all the fascists who are replying to your postings), a chippy barrack-room lawyer with an exaggerated sense of his own importance. I bet you’re proud of your “integrity” as well, though in reality it’s an excuse for avoiding responsibility and covers your own crushing sense of failure.

    If someone offered you a council seat or a job in journalism or any kind of responsibility you’d run a mile. You couldn’t hack it. Much easier to slag people off anonymously and unaccountably and without bothering to check your sources.

    You probably think you’re big and brave for taking the piss out of the BNP, while there are people working in the local “mainstream” press, and other papers up and down the country, who put their names on the BNP stories they research and write, risking violence, intimidation and ending up on the Redwatch hate-list because of it. That takes more balls that you’ll ever have.

    And as for “Evening Cancer”?! How is this funny?

    Yes, I work for BUP. My partner has cancer. I’ve lost two colleagues to it in recent years. Decent hard-working people from your precious working class who only ever wanted to do the right thing by their readers. Evening Cancer is funny how?

    Get therapy, you obnoxious little creep.

  2. S F says:

    Well said son. Even if you do work for a vile newspaper.

  3. Mike says:

    Well said ..even tho I support the BNP ..and do not buy the local paper because they are to biased I agree with your comments

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