FREE gift for every reader!!! The official BNP Bristol dartboard

Couldn’t be easier to set up… Download this screen, print it, cut out your FREE dartboard, attach to your wall and start the fun!! (Darts not included)

BNP Darts board

Easy to use… Hours of entertainment… Great for dinner parties…

Instructions: Simply lob your darts at the heads of local members of the BNP featured on the board and rack up the points according to The Blogger’s carefully calibrated scoring system:

eg. Nick Griffin’s head – 50 points; Bald bloke’s pate – 20 points; Fat bloke in fake (Made in China) England shirt – 10 points, Nerdy young Tolkien fan – 10 points; etc. Remember head shots score double!!

COMING SOON: Why not collect the set?

‘Prick his pomposity’ – Peter Abraham and the Bristol Tories’ dartboard
‘Score double on the dribble’ – The Bristol Lib Dem dartboard with realistic dribbling Kiely
‘Burst their bubble’ – The Bristol New Labour dartboard
‘Puncture their annoying bike tyres’ – The Bristol Green Party dartboard

(With thanks to Bristol Indymedia and Bristol UAF for the photo)

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8 Responses to FREE gift for every reader!!! The official BNP Bristol dartboard

  1. Green Arrow says:

    I like you. I really do. Your stupid but funny.

    But shouldn’t you be out leafleting for the SWP/MCB/RESPECT/UAF/CRETINS.

  2. paul nash says:

    i´ve just worked 3 days 12 hr shifts in the baking sun ,i,m knackered pissed and this half-wit deserves to die a slow painful death !!!!!!!!
    nothing but a bedsit tosser
    and now i´m all alone bedsit land my only hope!!!!

  3. Tolkien Fan says:

    Looks good, they all seem to be having a great time. It’s a shame you don’t know your media very well. I can’t see a Tolkien reference in that picture, but I do see a T-shirt from a well known webcomic, maybe you should check it out before you attempt to comment on things you know nothing about.

  4. ken says:

    Hi Trotsky.. alias bristol blogger ..please dont tell me these are the facists bnp I have been having sleepless nights about..and all this time and web space taken are obviously pulling my looks like a group of pensioners on an outing

  5. John s l says:

    Iv tuned in to read your blog every day, iv advertised it to my friends and have sung its praises. But after learning your nothing but a lefty lib sell out you can think again if i’m reading your negative dross again. Your bizarre attacks on the BEP just because it doesn’t conform to your political views is a double standard of the worst kind if iv ever seen one.
    Good day! Hope you get mugged and beaten by an immigrant on the way home, but i bet you live in stoke bishop far away from the problems you like preaching and waffling about every day you negative sarcastic hypocrite. Preaching multiculture living in a nice white neighbourhood.

  6. TRUE Patriot says:

    Like they say: You always get flak when you are over the target. Explodes the stereotypical, neo-nazi bullshit doesn’t it?

  7. C McEwan says:

    The mostly elderly British people in the picture look perfectly normal to me. I don’t hate or fear them. However, anybody who thinks it’s terribly clever and witty to throw darts at their picture, and excitedly incites others to do the same, merely fills me with pity. (Assuming you’re an adult, of course. If you’re a 12 yr old boy, then it’s probably quite normal.)

  8. BristleKRS says:

    The local members of the master race are climbing back out of their coal bunkers I see!

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