Spot the difference (again)

Bristol and West sketchBristol and West reality
l-r: sketch and reality

This is a good one. On the left we have a sketch courtesy of architects Atkins Walters Webster of what is supposed to be happening to the old Bristol and West HQ on Broad Quay.

The architects promised councillors and planners they would make the building appear to be “dissolving into the sky”.

The planning committee responsible – chaired by none other than Headley Park’s leading exponent of new urbanism, ‘Bunter’ Eddy, mainly so he could earn a few quid in ‘Special Responsibility’ allowances – lapped up the architects’ PR and gave the scheme the nod.

Not much dissolving so far I’m afraid. Except, perhaps, most of Bristol’s population into laughter at the gullibility of Bunter and his committee members.

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