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Spot the difference: Ashton Court

At last. It’s here. The weekend of the inaugural New Ashton Court Festival of Dadrock is at last upon us. And here at The Blogger we’re ready to party. So if anyone knows where we can find a party this … Continue reading

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Banksy Balls' Spot the Difference

The picture on the left recently appeared on the BBC West website. Yet again their posh-boy journalists are trying to get all street and down with the kids on us by uncritically talking-up absolutely anything to do with the artist … Continue reading

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Spot the difference: Peter Vain

Why was Peter Vain bright orange on Newsnight last night during the Labour Deputy Leadership debate?

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Spot the difference (again)

l-r: sketch and reality This is a good one. On the left we have a sketch courtesy of architects Atkins Walters Webster of what is supposed to be happening to the old Bristol and West HQ on Broad Quay. The … Continue reading

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Spot the difference

The top picture is a sketch provided to councillors and members of the Development Control (North) Committee in November 2004 as part of the planning application for Redland Green School. The committee, desperate to dish out yet another public subsidy … Continue reading

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