Local Elections: The BNP

The BNP are fielding 3 candidates at the local elections on Thursday 3 May 2007. They are:

Frome Vale Ward

Colin Richard Chidsey
Basement Flat, 20 Belmont Road
St Andrews
Bristol BS6 5AS

Proposer: G Gorton
Seconder: J Haskins

St George East Ward

John Hooper
19 Freshland Way
St George
Bristol BS15 1DD

Proposer: W Tovey
Seconder: S J Lawrence

Whitchurch Park Ward

Kerry Ellen Luckett
146 Fulford Road
Bristol BS13 0AQ

Proposer: E Hann
Seconder: S J Hann

Information on this little lot is thin on the ground at present as they are basically a bunch of nobodies with chips on their shoulders. However The Blogger will be grateful for any information about them or their election campaigns (including their leaflets). Email: bristol_citizens@yahoo.com

For people favouring an electoral response to the BNP The Blogger recommends a Labour vote in all wards.

The Liberal Democrats are deeply unreliable around anti-fascism and have happily supported BNP councillors in Burnley:

At a full meeting of Burnley Council on December 13th 2006 a position on a local regeneration board came up for renewal. When it came to the vote, there was a choice of only two candidates – a BNP Councillor or a Labour Councillor. The casting vote rested with the Lib Dem controlling group and they backed… the BNP councillor!
The Progressive

The Lib Dem responsible even told the local paper, Burnley Today, he backed ‘the better candidate’!

Similarly The Green Party, locally, are so flaky, politically naive and desperate for power it’s hard to predict what their approach to the BNP may be beyond the elections.

News just in: The BNP candidate for Yeovil, Robert Baehr, last ran as candidate in the town in 1993 for… Wait for it… The Green Party!

If you want to conatct the BNP in Bristol email BNPBristol@hotmail.co.uk or call/text their Bristol regional organiser, Mark Clutterbuck, on 07810 306865

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4 Responses to Local Elections: The BNP

  1. Ian Laughlin says:

    Luckett (the BNP candidate in Whitchurch Park ward) has now published her leaflet. Her election platforms are a classic populist mix, calling for weekly rubbish collections, more police, council support for St George’s Day, no council tax rises, no Muslim veils in public buildings and no Asylum Seekers.

    Luckett’s address is not given on her election literature. Instead, the BNP in South Bristol are operating from behind their PO Box 2004, BS99 1WD post office box number. The only other intelligence to add about Luckett is that she claims to be 27 years of age and an Accountant. She does not say which company she is employed by, nor what qualifications she holds from actuarial and accountancy bodies, which might be an interesting line of enquiry to pursue.

  2. Mike says:

    I thought it was abvious that BNP candidates would not give to much away about themselves because assholes like you would write a load of crap and lies about them …if you are satisfied with the way this country is run,with failing schools..Doctors just finished there training cant get jobs..immigants taking the jobs of british people..houses being built on green belt land… then vote for your usual party..for a real change VOTE BNP..

  3. Mike says:

    I take it that you support the communist groups uaf ..and searchlight

  4. Ed says:

    Is it any surprise that this woman doesn’t say where she works after the disgraceful behaviour of the real fascists, UAF etc?

    These are the people who tried to disrupt a ballet and force a woman out of her dancing job because of her political beliefs.

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