Bank holiday comedy special

Chris Morris at BBC Radio Bristol

Like Banksy, Chris Morris’s time in Bristol has become the stuff of legend that neatly airbrushes out the fact that both were largely ignored, marginalised and actively discouraged during their time here.

Their consequent success in London has seen the kind of ludicrous revisionism that has the likes of the city’s rubbish Czar, Councillor Gary Hopkins, declaring Banksy’s graffiti is “art”. Can anyone recall the Lib Dems or anyone else at the city council supporting and encouraging Banksy when he actually lived here? Before someone from London put him on the telly and told them he was good? Thought not.

Here’s a brief overview of Morris’s stint at BBC Radio Bristol. The comedy derives not so much from Morris but from his BBC boss Roy Roberts, typical of the kind of clueless, talent-free, useless old fuckpot that pulls the strings and has been running things in this city forever.

Welcome to Bristol. The city where bullshit talks and talent walks…


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