Local BNP Nominating Officer exposed


The Blogger learns that the BNP’s Nominating Officer for the UK is Bristol based. This key BNP official who is actively working with Bristol’s 3 local election candidates is:

Michaela Mackenzie
1 Chubb Close
Bristol BS30 7BP

Michaela has some form in Bristol. The former executive for the BBC’s Natural History Unit and Labour Parish Councillor ran as a BNP candidate in the Euro elections in 2004.

This outspoken critic of the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union even attempted to sue the then Editor of Bristol Evening Post Mike Lowe using the European Convention on Human Rights after he said in an editorial she promoted policies which appealed to the “knuckle-dragging minority”.

The barking Nazi bitch wrote to Lowe: “The European Convention on Human Rights states that a person’s dignity is inviolable. You have violated my dignity.”

The nutter then threatened to organise a “mass leaflet drop across Bristol by our numerous activists” about the Evening Post.

Before concluding, “I am now seeking legal advice on proceeding against you personally” and called for a printed apology “by Tuesday at the latest”.

The Post politely told her to fuck off. There’s been no apology or court case as yet… Three years later!

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16 Responses to Local BNP Nominating Officer exposed

  1. Green Arrow says:

    Thank you for the image. I needed a new pinup for my wall.

    Roll on May 3rd – BNP Day.

    Thank you for the addresses of the BNP supporters. I can now send them thankyou letters for their real courage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Get a life you sad muppet. Got nothing better to do than spread hate. Must have had an unhappy childhood….. Poor you. Leave these people alone and find something better to do. You don’t know them and haven’t taken the trouble to try. Try having a conversation with a real human being instead of spouting your bile on a crappy web page. You are the true bigot here.

  3. ken says:

    Blogger ..I agree with Anonymous..you sound like a very sad person.at least some people have the guts to stand up and do something about the way this country is going..looking foreward to the May elections where I will be voting BNP..

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  5. Mr. Jolly says:

    Nice one thnks for the address not doubt will be sending her some interesting literature. As for the last few posts go to bed you sad fools.

  6. Red says:

    Hi Blogger..
    Its interesting to see that so far there have been more responses supporting the lovely Michaela than those against. Are voters really fed up enough to make BNP a serious threat?

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  8. David S says:

    Red… More than likely the people posting positive BNP responses are probably members of the BNP’s “Presstapo”, as the Blogger so eloquently put it, themselves. Sad that their campaigning consists of posting comments on blogs and attempting to deliver leaflets full of their lies and fear.

  9. John B says:

    Good luck to all the BNP candidates standing in the forthcoming elections.Britain needs you.

  10. Donny G. says:

    Amazing! Having targetted this woman for her political stance the blogger hasn’t even got the guts to leave his name. Which all goes to show that his balls are even smaller than his brain!

  11. Steve England says:

    Nice to see the BNP have more women candidates and are not the biggots the fascists of the left would have us believe.

    Sometimes it takes people like the brave patriot Michaela Mackenzie to stand up and be counted to keep democracy alive.

    The real fascists are those who want to ban free speech & to ONLY allow political groups they approve of.

  12. Matt Carter says:

    What, because… no woman in human history has ever been bigoted?
    Do the BNP really expect the normal people they claim to stand for to feel grateful to them for their hate peddling?

  13. Dave Martin says:

    Isn’t it strange that a lot of people are supporting this brave woman ?

    Could it be that we’re finally getting to the point where we say enough is enough ? I’m not prepared to be second best in my own country anymore. I’ve had enough of the NHS being swamped as a result of immigration. A few years ago I was able to get a docs appointment if I was ill. I needed to see the doctor this week and had to wait four days. When I got to the surgery there was myself, one english bloke and SEVEN immigrants. All talking a foreign language. I had to wait fifteen minutes for prescription during which time four of these immigrants also collected a prescription.

    Guess who the only person who had to pay for their prescription was…….?

  14. Liz says:

    come on people, the problem lies with our ridiculous and outdated voting system, and with our own apathy. its no wonder people come and take advantage of all the incredible institutions we have here, our healthcare and education systems are the envy of the world. we should be proud of our great country and share our advantages with the rest of the world, since it took colonial exploitation and slavery to build the Britain we have today. The problem lies with our government, we need a serious overhaul with more realistic immigration policies, but we also have to acknowledge that we live in an increasingly globalised society and transcend our isolationist island mentality…

  15. David says:

    Thank God I have stumbled across this sanctuary of good will and tolerance. Publishing a lady’s postal address on an anonymous internet blog is not exactly what I would call polite.

    I think its great to see people standing up for what they believe in, whether I agree with them or not. The more flak they take for it, the more virtuous they become. Keep at it Ms Mackenzie!

  16. Jonno says:

    You’ve got to laugh at this frothing, foul mouthed rant. A prime example of nazi hate-speak if ever there were on. Keep taking the tablets!!

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