Election? What election?

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What with it being election time, The Blogger thought he better find out a bit about the candidates standing, party manifestos and the like. Where better to look than the internet?

Um, anywhere really, judging by the miserable efforts made by the candidates and their parties to publicise themselves and explain what they intend to do for the city.

The Blogger’s first port of call was the Bristol Liberal Democrats site where he found the following ‘current’ news story:

Call for right to row your boat

Tue 30th Jan 2007

Lockleaze Lib Dem Cllr Sean Emmett is calling on people to support a campaign for greater access to rivers in England & Wales for canoeists and users of other unpowered craft.

So that’s the canoeist vote sewn up then. But what about election information? Candidates? Policies? Promises? Anything?

Wait… Yes! there’s a button marked ‘Manifesto’!

Oh dear. It’s not really a manifesto is it? More a series of vague, self-evidently decent aspirations with no indication of how they might be achieved. No mention here of privatising social services; handing schools to private firms; rewriting planning permissions for corporate developers; cutting school curricula to save money; more handouts to First Bus; plans to build tens of thousands of houses on green space; Bristol Airport expansion or any other actual policy pursued by the Lib Dems over the last year.

Then comes the payoff: “We are currently working on our manifesto for 2007 – 2009.” Marvellous. Feel free to let us know when you bother to get around to it won’t you?

The Blogger also checked The Bristol East Lib Dem site. The big story there:

Tories play catchup on global warming

Sun 11th Mar 2007

The Conservatives are to announce that they now think it is a good idea that air travel be accountable for the greenhouse gases airliners emit, contributing to climate change.

He also tried the Bristol West Lib Dem site only to find a patronising message from patronising Stephen Williams MP that doesn’t mention local elections…

So how about the Labour Party then? Well there’s a url for Bristol Labour – http://www.bristollabourparty.org.uk/ – but go to it and you’re redirected to the national site. That’s right. The Labour Party does not even have a site for Bristol let alone anything on the local elections. (Also note that if you google ‘Bristol Labour Party’ The Blogger, now in his third week, is the third result)

Perhaps The Bristol Labour Party should remember what their boss said back in 2000:

“If we live up to the challenge of the knowledge economy, we can reverse the decades of decline we suffered in the 20th Century and become one of the world’s most successful economies in the 21st Century.”

So much for the party of government. What about the official opposition? The Conservatives are the party of the future now aren’t they? What with Webcameron and all that it’s bound to be good isn’t it?

In the sense that Bristol Conservatives are non-existent on the web. Yes. Here’s the url: http://www.bristolconservatives.com/ and to save you time here’s the message: ‘This site is currently unavailable’.

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9 Responses to Election? What election?

  1. Anarchist606 says:

    Good summary of the main parties! Keep up the good work.

  2. David S says:

    You didn’t mention the Bristol South Labour site, which is I suppose a bit better as it actually exists, but the news section hasn’t been updated since February and the local elections section is just a form to agree to be sent loads of campaign literature/let them know that you’re a supporter.

    Maybe the novelty of having a website is wearing off?!


  3. Matt Carter says:

    The LibDems’ sites aren’t good, but some individuals do better – Cllr Tim Kent (not up for election though) has a myspace (www.myspace.com/whitchurchtim) and apparently made a vid for another candidate. Don’t know if any other Cllrs have their own stuff detached from their parties.

  4. Ali says:


    I live in Easton and heard Respect are standing, they sound good but are they?


  5. thebristolblogger says:

    Yes Respect are standing in Easton. The candidate is Paulette North, a teacher at the City Academy.
    The Blogger will be reporting on the local elections next week …

  6. ken says:

    shame the BNP cant stand more candidates…adds a lot more interest than the same boring old partys with all the same boring old policys ..if you read the Migration Watch web site there saying the same as the BNP.

  7. Bob Stilwell says:

    Who are the candidates in the stockwood ward.todate I’ve only heard from 1 of them

  8. karen loughlin says:

    for the first time I am not voting as I haven’t a clue what the various manifestos are & think Bristol is a mess at the moment – the fabulous centre with the pissing men,spending vast amounts of money on a new retail centre whenthe public transport here is useless – dirty & expensive – Bristol is on hills – perfect for a tram system – but no we’ve got lovely diesel buses & it looks like congestion charges are coming – great !!

  9. Jeff says:

    How do you find out who your candidates are because I don’t know who mine are in my area, is there a website with them all listed?

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