BNP: taking the Michaela

The Evening Cancer reports that BNP Nominating Officer, Michaela Mackenzie is running as a candidate in the Scottish elections as well as for councillor in South Gloucestershire. The campaign from her Warmley home for native Scots’ rights is no doubt going down a storm north of the border…

The Blogger learns that the BNP got members with Scottish-sounding names in from England in order to have enough candidates to qualify for their election TV broadcast. Interesting use of favourable immigration rules there.

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2 Responses to BNP: taking the Michaela

  1. paul nash says:

    i used to have a good mate years ago,top lad came from glasgow his name i did not know all i knew him as was paki jock he did`nt have a problem with it we was mates all on the same working class bristol stomping ground.
    at the moment i work with russians….etc…no end
    but when i read your pathetic stalinist/fascist crap you make me puke,you only make it worse.
    i am not bnp never will but what visciuos bile you spew forth in giving the names and adresses of people what would like to speak out,you must be some sad piece of lonely +’*’
    (get a life.we´ll ave a pint down the raymend one night then eh!)

  2. Donny G. says:

    What a load of sad cases you tossers are!

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