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Pressing matters

A Big shout out to ‘Sean’ who had a letter published in today’s Cancer asking: As far as Mr Siddique is concerned, is he a ‘Muslim in Bristol’ or an ‘Islamist in Bristol’? Such a good question that I’ve ripped … Continue reading

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Blog of the day

Take a bow the Guardian News Blog! Usually a tedious repository of poorly produced “up-to-the-minute” news written by the offspring of senior hacks as a stepping stone on their meritocratic rise to the top or by wealthy work experience students … Continue reading

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"Bloody foreign onions, coming over here, taking our shelves …"

“I, for one, wasn’t put on this earth to make life easy for British farmers, who are a reactionary and misanthropic lot as a rule – gaily destroying wildlife, backing blood sports, feeding animals the remains of their relatives and … Continue reading

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"The geese are flying south from Slimbridge early this autumn"

With a Bash the Rich march through Notting Hill – perhaps heralding the greatest resurgence of english anarchism in at least a generation – scheduled to take place precisely one month from now, has the publisher of Ian Bone’s Bash … Continue reading

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