"The geese are flying south from Slimbridge early this autumn"

Ian Bone's Bash the Rich

With a Bash the Rich march through Notting Hill – perhaps heralding the greatest resurgence of english anarchism in at least a generation – scheduled to take place precisely one month from now, has the publisher of Ian Bone’s Bash the Rich planted a cryptic message of instruction to anarchist sleeper cells across the country through the letters page of The Guardian?

Here’s the correspondence in full from yesterday’s paper:

We’ve just had our second picking of strawberries. They are a bit tasteless and slug nibbled, but hey.
Richard Jones, Bristol

Obviously the publisher of Bone’s “smouldering anarchist bomb” could not possibly be involved in anything as prosaic as growing strawberries on a Bristol allotment – could he?

Surely instead this letter contains secret, coded information regarding November 3 for this country’s massed ranks of ready anarchists?

Rumour also reaches The Blogger that Bone left Bristol on Monday evening under the cover of darkness to be spirited away to a safe house in south London.

What can it all mean?

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