Carole Caplan gets angry as Heather Tomlinson exit is confirmed … by Heather Tomlinson!

By Our Correspondent

If last week you heard what sounded like the distant rumble of thunder then it was probably actually the sound of Carole Caplan storming around his Council House PR hidey-hole having had his plan to hold ‘the Council cannot confirm Heather Tomlinson’s forthcoming exit …’ line blown out of the water.

Having had this line faithfully trotted out for a week or two since the story was leaked to the Evening Post by a councillor, it seems another journalist from an esteemed local organ called the city council several times last week seeking comment.

Carole’s brilliant plan to hold the ‘nothing can be confirmed or denied’ line was shattered when the journalist told Carole’s crew that in fact they had (and had had for some considerable time) a copy of the resignation round robin email that Heather herself had circulated to all education department staff and 160 odd schools a few days after the story had broken! Doh.

Cue grumpy Carole’s (albeit high pitched) ape-like mid-afternoon noises …

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4 Responses to Carole Caplan gets angry as Heather Tomlinson exit is confirmed … by Heather Tomlinson!

  1. Tony Blair says:

    Is this the same Carole Caplin that Mrs Balir used to hang out with?

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    Alas not. They just share the same surname. It’s what passes for humour on this blog.

  3. Jozer says:

    What an amateur-

    1/ Does he seriously expect a BCC e-mail that went to 160 people to remain confidential?

    2/ What on earth is the point of saying ‘nothing can be confirmed or denied’? You might as well hang the body out of the highest window in town.

  4. bluebaldee says:


    You’ve hit the nail on the head – an amateur.

    A pompous, blustering, egotostical plump amateur to boot.

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