Tidings of red trousers and joy …

It’s that time of year again. We’ve just dusted down the Trojan Christmas Box Set here at Blogger HQ so we thought we’d give you the Christmas itinerary.

And what a coup we have for readers this year. After the sensational, runaway success of last year’s ‘Helen Holland’s Christmas Message by Simon Caplan‘ delivered to lucky readers on Christmas Eve, this year we’re going one better.

The Bristol Blogger is pleased to announce that we have exclusively secured the services of former RIBA President and leading local architect, the red-trousered Old Wellington himself, George Ferguson!!!

Unbelievable isn’t it? But George will indeed be delivering a keynote ‘By George, have a sustainable Christmas and a mixed-use New Year’ exemplar message here on the Bristol Blogger on Christmas Eve.

And word has already reached the Blogger that newbie council Chief Exec Jan Ormondroyd is absolutely fuming at missing out on this ultimate Bristolian Christmas accolade. Apparently she’s had her sidekick whatsisname? – that copper from Sheffield who doesn’t know where Easton is – working on various draft speeches for us for over a month now.

Never mind. Maybe better luck next year Jan? (And remember upping the bid with a couple of zeros might avert the need for any luck).

As usual, after our Christmas message, the Blogger will be closing down for ten days for the annual family skiing trip to Aspen, Colorado – yes, we still think it’s worth the flight costs and extra carbon emissions to avoid all those vile and irritating members of minor European royalty cluttering up the Swiss slopes.

In the meantime, go party …

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