Fwd: what does our city look like?

From BBC Bristol …

The BBC is collecting pictures of Bristol that capture the soul of the city.

Why? Because Bristol is getting a new Chief Executive, and she’s new to the city. Jan Ormondroyd will be given the “official guided tour”, but we want to show her what Bristolians think of their city.

What are you proud of? What are you ashamed of?

What inspires you? Infuriates you?

What needs shouting about? What needs sorting?

Take a picture that says: “If she hasn’t seen this, she hasn’t seen Bristol”.

We’ll give Jan Ormondroyd the whole album of Bristol by Bristolians. And we’ll take her on a guided tour of the most challenging views of the city she would never normally be shown.

Interested? Taking Part is Easy

1. Take a picture.
2. Tell us, in a few words, what it says about Bristol
3. Send us the picture. Email or envelope, we don’t mind. Email to : mybristol@bbc.co.uk Post to : Owen Smith, Newsroom, BBC Broadcasting House, Bristol BS8 2LR
4. We’ll put them all on a website and show the Chief Executive the lot….”

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