VOTE 2009: Results GOSSIP

Results are above (and keep an eye on the Twitterfeed too)

What to look out for:

Greens: A good night if they take Ashley; an extraordinary night if they take Easton too. Keep an eye on their results in Bishopston and Cotham, which will be good guides to how they’re doing.

Lib Dems: Key wards are Ashley, Easton and Bishopston. If they take these, it’s their night and they’ll probably have their majority. If they take Southmead it’s a Labour meltdown and they’ll be finished for a generation in Bristol.

Conservatives: Clifton East. If they take this they’re on for a very good night indeed. Any other gains and they’ll be happy.

Labour: Holding Avonmouth would be a victory in current circumstances. They’re looking to take Easton to crow about and would like to hang on in the St Georges. All or any of these could merit describing their night as good.

10.50pm: first results at around 11.30pm?

10.57pm: Worried looking Lib Dems at the Counts Louse

More photos.

11.15pm: Shirley’s come disguised as a parrot. The Electoral liability in yellow:

More photos.

11.20pm: Ashley is tight. Jolly Jon has a lot of support in Ashley Down. He might have done it?

11.30pm: UNOFFICIAL: Labour conceding Kingsweston to Lib Dems

11.39pm: UNOFFICIAL: Horfield “tight” but Lib Dem gain. Looks like we’ve Lib Dem Snobocracy on the way …

11.44pm: Labour in 3rd place in Kingsweston. Disaster beckons … Watch out for Southmead …

12.00: Lib Dems ahead by 400 in Kingsweston. It’s a massacre …

12.04: “Gordon has the full support of the PLP,” Deranged geriatric with his care worker

12.18: “Great! I’m been asked to be Home Secretary”

“And I’m Chancellor”

12.23: Everything’s running late because McNamara’s fucked it all up as usual. He’s currently blaming the Euro elections … We might hear about Clifton soon …

12.41: LIb Dems hold Clifton East. OFFICIAL

12.44: Lib Dems hold Eastville. OFFICIAL

Clifton East result –

Green 332
Lab 218
Con 884
LD 1321

Lib Dems are walking it. Tories stuck as usual. Bunter should resign by noon tomorrow.

12.53: Eastville result

LD 1310
Labour 717
Cons 542
Green – Vowlsie!- 426

12.58: Recount in Southmead!!!!

12.59: Labour third behind BNP in St George East? Is it worse for Labour than anyone could have imagined?

01.02: Clifton then Cabot to declare soon

01.03: Recount in Lawrence Hill


01.12: Kingsweston: LIB DEM GAIN

01.16: Lockleaze: LIB DEM HOLD – Jerry Hicks third behind Labour.

01.18: Labour hold Lawrence Hill by 9 votes!

01.21: Tories take Frome Vale

01.23: SHOCKER!!! Lib Dems take Southmead!!! Ding dong Hammond is dead. Ha, ha, ha

01.26: Trying to keep up is doing my head in. Gone for cigarette.

01.28: Lib Dems ahead by 700 in Ashley? Greens crashing … I’m gone now.

01.34: Lib Dems gain Hillfields. They’re home and dry. Tescos at Ashton is built!

01.40: Tories gain Henbury

01.41: Tories gain St George East. Lib Dems 4th behind BNP.

01.43: Pickup and Hammond out. Bristolians have done their civic duty tonight.

01.46: Lib Dems hold Redland. End of the dream for blogger Barlow as he comes in 3rd behind Greens!!!

01.49: Labour hold St George West

01.51: Easton is too close to call …

01.52: that was bollocks. Lib Dems have won Easton I now hear (UNOFFICIAL)

01.58: Johnny’s back!!!! Lib Dems hold Easton. Greens third. Turning into another miserable night for them.

02.01: Lib Dems have their majority. Greens and Tories have flunked it.

02.02: Tories hold Westbury. Currently level on seats with Lab with 5 to go …

02.06: Lib Dems take Horfield from Lab. Tories blow this one too.

02.10: Highly effective – and one suspects very expensive – campaigning from the LIb Dems right across the city. Might be time to have a long hard look at their funding arrangements … All gone rather efficiently hasn’t it?

02.25: Lib Dems hold Henleaze

02.27: Cons gain Avonmouth. They’ve got more seats than Labour now.

02.29: Lib Dems hold Ashley easily.

02.30: Charlie and Danielle can be found on Turbo Island with the remains of Jolly Jon’s cider.

02.34: what’s going on in bloody Bishopston? I want to go to bed.

02.36: I’ve spent the whole day calling Horfield Bishopston. See example in the introduction where I describe Bishopston as a key ward for the Lib Dems to win. I meant Horfield. Did the same thing earlier on Twitter too, attributing Bishopston Ward to Rosalie.

02.42. Bollocks to it. I’m calling Bishopston for the Lib Dems. It’s bound to be some sort of McNamara screw up delaying it. No doubt the count was slowed down due to the length of the Euro election form and by the discovery of a serious non-stick envelopes issue.

02.47: Night all.

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33 Responses to VOTE 2009: Results GOSSIP

  1. Greengage says:

    Keep it coming BB…there is no local election coverage on the BBC so you are the only show in town.

    I haven’t had this much fun since I watched the railway path debate webcast!

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    Don’t get too excited. All the results come at once and it gets really bloody confusing.

  3. Greengage says:

    I am counting on you, the council website always takes ages to put the results up.

  4. Greengage says:

    I like the photo on your photostream of Charlie eating some chips. Citizen journalism at its best.

  5. SteveL says:

    Better than that -he gave us some of the chips!

  6. Greengage says:

    That’s the politics of redistribution for you.

  7. SteveL says:

    Latest rumour: results in at half twelve

  8. James says:

    I’m confused (the cider doesn’t help) are there any results properly in yet?

  9. Peter says:

    Well done. Its good to see someone is following the election -what happened to the BBC?

  10. Tom says:

    Look at that man’s massive foot!

  11. Bristol Dave says:

    My mate just texted me to say he had to queue for 30 mins to vote.

    I think it’s going to be a long one…

  12. Student Observer says:

    Keep up the good work BB

    Any news on WOT?

  13. Greengage says:

    Eastville result up on BCC site – LibDem hold.

  14. Brian says:

    Well done Bristol Blogger. I’m in France and relying on you for coverage – the other media are all merde!

  15. Roger says:

    Council Website says Frome Vale is a Tory GAIN. Looks like it was Tory last time to me. Have I misread something?

  16. Student Observer says:

    probably was a by-election. Gains are classed by the last full election in more than one seat.

  17. Roger says:

    Looks like it’s judged against the election 4 years ago when the same seat was contested. That was labour, two years ago torys won. So makes sense although I guess you expect the seat to go the same way as last time.

  18. Benjamin says:

    Any news of a declaration for Ashley? Then we can put this one to bed.

  19. chris hutt says:

    Still waiting for Ashley, + Bishopston, Avonmouth and Henleaze.

  20. Greengage says:

    How can it take them 4 hours to count 4000 odd votes? I could have done it myself while I’m sitting here pressing refresh.

  21. Benjamin says:

    But are you still anticipating an upset, BB or can we assume that Lib Dem lead will hold?

  22. chris hutt says:

    Probably recounts.

  23. Bristol Dave says:

    BCC showing Lib Dem hold Henleaze

  24. Benjamin says:

    But it was tight – majority 73

    Wanna see confirmed Ashley result so I can go to bed!

  25. SteveL says:

    Ashley confirmed, 700. Shame for the greens, but Jon has been really good. Next time: no forgiveness.

  26. chris hutt says:

    Ashley LD Hold – Jon’s in.

  27. Bristol Dave says:

    A disasterous night for Labour.


  28. Student Observer says:

    BB, can you give us totals for all the parties across all wards, so we know what the totals are for the full council?

    Obviously only do this once bishopston has been done.

  29. thebristolblogger says:

    They’re on the post above.

  30. James Barlow says:

    Lib Dems 36 (+4) (Majority)
    Conservatives (+4) 17
    Labour 16 (-8)
    Green 1 (NC)

  31. Paul Hulbert says:

    Well done to Bristol Blogger for the election coverage. Where were the TV people? Why didn’t BBC have detailed results on teletext at Breakfast? Why was the local TV news coverage this morning only a one-liner? First major declaration of biggest shift in local councils for years, and TV weren’t there.

  32. Charlie Bolton says:

    Greengage // June 5, 2009 at 1:15 am

    ‘How can it take them 4 hours to count 4000 odd votes? I could have done it myself while I’m sitting here pressing refresh.’

    It took ages to unfold those enormous Euro-ballot papers. I mean ages.

  33. SteveL says:

    two TV crews were there, barging people around. Pro news photographers use their elbows more. One A.P. photographer, two E.P people, someone from the guardian. Two from the Bristol Cycling Campaign, forwarding pics and gossip to the BB.

    The council media team were very helpful to us. Chris was worried we’d get thrown out, but we just went up and said were online press and we got briefed on where/when photos could be taken, got to sit on the press table with a power socket for the laptop, free wifi. Very nice. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

    One of the best bits was when we got the Clifton E. result, ran over to the laptop to email the result to BB, and back to the room. Suddenly the phones of a few people went off as they had got the result twittered to them by BB, while the victory and thanks speech was still going on. That is real time news. So why wait for teletext? Why wait for the EP? This page was the most up to date news source -from all the counts- and it had the funniest commentary on the pics.

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