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Ashley (Lib Dem): LIB DEM HOLD

Avonmouth (Lab): CON GAIN

Bishopston (Lib Dem): LIB DEM HOLD

Cabot (Lib Dem): LIB DEM HOLD

Clifton (Lib Dem): LIB DEM HOLD

Clifton East (Lib Dem): LIB DEM HOLD

Cotham (Lib Dem): LIB DEM HOLD

Easton (Lib Dem): LIB DEM HOLD

Eastville (Lib Dem): LIB DEM HOLD

Frome Vale (Lab): CON GAIN

Henbury (Lab): TORY GAIN

Henleaze (Lib Dem): LIB DEM HOLD

Hillfields (Lab): LIB DEM GAIN

Horfield (Lab): LIB DEM GAIN

Kingsweston (Lab): LIB DEM GAIN

Lawrence Hill (Lab): LABOUR HOLD

Lockleaze (LibDem): LIB DEM HOLD

Redland (LibDem): LIB DEM HOLD

St. George East (Lab): TORY GAIN

St. George West (Lab): LABOUR HOLD

Southmead (Lab): LIB DEM GAIN

Stoke Bishop (Con): CON HOLD

Westbury-On-Trym (Con): CON HOLD

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12 Responses to VOTE 2009: Results LIVE with the Bristol Blogger

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  2. chris hutt says:

    BCC site still not showing result for Cabot. Are you sure it’s been declared?

  3. inks says:

    I, for one, welcome our new Liberal overlords.

  4. So… I can rip up the onslaught against Daniella then and continue sniping at Jon… good, that makes life easier.

    Kerry’s whiffling on about the BNP was whiffle… that’s what I’ve come to expect from her, so no change there then.

    And Mohammed Arif lost here in Easton … John’s back! That is good news… John’s great when you make him angry… his head goes all red and he looks like a giant tomato!

  5. thebristolblogger says:

    Jon’s probably meeting Tecos as we speak

  6. Ashley Fox says:

    Henleaze was an interesting result with a libdem majority of 732 (in 2006) being slashed to 73.


  7. Amelium Celer says:

    Great coverage once the polls closed Blogger, but what the hell was your twitter yesterday?

    ‘”Cabot may be beyond us,” admits Green source, “but not by much. Worse case scenario, we have a Lib Dem/Green marginal to win next time.”‘

    ‘Greens say Bishopston is “encouraging”. Bye, bye Bev?’

    ‘Greens are describing Ashley as “walk in the park”. Jolly Jon last seen weeping on Stokes Croft …’

    Not like you to republish party political propaganda surely, especially when it turns out to be complete bollocks.

  8. The Bristol Blogger says:

    Did you not see this Twitter at 8.00am yesterday?

    Election Day! I predict a day of outrageous rumour and sordid gossip on Twitter (and that’s just from me)

  9. Amelium Celer says:

    Ah, right, no, missed that. Fair enough then!

  10. chris hutt says:

    I’m glad Jon Rogers got back in but it’s tough for the Greens. Overall they got over 14% of the vote yet not a single seat, while Labour get 19% of vote and 15 seats. Unfair or what.

    The Tories got 26% of the vote compared to Labour’s 19%, but only one more seat.

    How the hell did Labour manage to hang onto Lawrence Hill?

  11. SteveL says:

    Neil Harrison was commiserating with the greens, pointing out that it is the unfairness of the electoral system. Let’s see what happens in the EU results -labour may have lost their seat there, and green gained one.

  12. Gary Hopkins says:

    BB Better attempt than the EP but if you look at the Venue preview from a couple of weeks ago some of us were a lot closer.

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