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Popped into the Banksy exhibition in the lunch hour. Not time to see much. There was a huge queue to get in to see the paintings so just saw the animatronics and the ice cream van and statues in the foyer really.

Personally, I was most impressed by the installation on the street outside the museum.

Banksy’s witty take on a lonely and deserted Socialist Workers Party stall, set up on an authentic old wallpaper trestle table on the street, was perfectly realised even down to the shambolic social worker who looked like he had taken the day off work especially to run the stall.

The arch recreations of retro communist agit-prop newspapers and pamphlets available from the stall, promoting a hilariously vacuous brand of obviously made-up, unworkable and outdated radical politics, were brilliantly executed too.

A subtle and wittily judged statement about the left this from Banksy. A rare masterclass in political irony …

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5 Responses to BANKSY BALLS: Banksy vs SWP

  1. Jozer says:

    “Taken the day off work”?

    Surely some mistake here?

    “Taken the last 20 years off reality” is generally closer to the mark.

  2. Jozer says:

    P.S. I have an idea for a witty statement on the SWP, if anyone can be bothered. You know the graphics they use? The stencilled outline of a raised fist in yellow on red? Pastiche that with ‘Student Wankers Party’, and the fist being a hand making a ‘wanker’ gesture instead. Now that would be a classic t-shirt!

  3. DN says:

    Brilliant Jozer, how original. Grow up.

  4. Rosso Verde says:

    Students Waving Placards!

  5. Sam says:

    i’d buy a t-shirt from Jozer!

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