Quote of the week: BANKSY BALLS special

Cancer editor Mike Norton says in today’s paper:

I was dragged around [Bristol] museum more times than I care to remember. The building and its artifacts are now part of my psyche. My dad loved the place.

This explains a lot doesn’t it?


Councillor Simon Cook, Grand Vizier of Pomp, Culture and Lib Demmery at Bristol City Council spoke to the Observer’s Tim Adams yesterday and The Blogger has obtained the original interview transcript before the Observer’s subs got at it:

“Twenty years ago, when he lived in Bristol, we looked on him as a vandal,” Cook suggests, “but when he cleared off to London and started turning up in the pages of the Guardian and the Sunday supplements we thought shit! This boy’s gold dust and that what he was doing was not just mindless but a very creative kind of street art.”

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One Response to Quote of the week: BANKSY BALLS special

  1. redzone says:

    yes mr cook, why let london profit from banksy when bcc can jump on the bandwagon & cash in on his undoubted popularity!?! 😉

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