Alderman Robin Moss: cunt stain?

Slight delay on the Labour Alderman Robin Moss front I’m afraid.

An insider who knew Moss from  Easton Community Centre will be posting “as soon as I’ve managed to dream up some decent insults.”

“It’s quite hard to come up with terms that do justice to Moss and the crowd of grasping fucking idiots, idle bastards and arse covering twats I had to put up with,” they say.

“But for starters how about ‘spastic crowd of Labour Party cunt stains’? What do you think?”

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5 Responses to Alderman Robin Moss: cunt stain?

  1. paul smith says:

    doesnt sound quite like your normal cogent political analysis

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    Seems a perfectly cogent analysis of a disreputable little shit like Moss to me.

    However, I’m sure we’ll get bored of hurling abuse at the dodgy little toe rag after a week or so and move on to a more coherent analysis of the web intrigue, deceit and Labour croneyism at the heart of Bristol’s voluntary sector.

    As Serpico pointed out many of these people continued an “unimpeded journey along lucrative career paths.”

    Indeed I’d calculate that the people directly and demonstrably involved in deliberately covering up the blatant misuse of public money and turning a blind eye to things like cash bars with no till, no receipts and no accurate accounts (oddly enough run by two former members of your party) are probably now responsible, between them, for about £3m – £4m of public money.

    And if you start to include the decisive role of Dawn Woods and Peter Cloke at the Government Office of the South West then you can start to double that amount of money.

    Your money safe in their hands? Like fuck.

  3. paul smith says:

    I thought serpico’s article was very depressing, it is now well known that some people were using the ECA as their private piggy bank – an outrageous abuse of public and community funds.

  4. thebristolblogger says:

    It’s not so well-known how many people within Bristol City Council and the voluntary sector were supporting this situation though.

    FOUR complaints were made to BCC staff, all supposed professionals, directly responsible for financial compliance issues and nothing was done.

    Their message was that it was down to the unpaid, untrained, unskilled volunteers to do something about it.

    A bit of a tall order really. And why pay people £25k, £30k, £40k a year specifically to monitor our money if they won’t do their job?

    Are Bristolians aware that BCC sub-contracts its anti-fraud work in the voluntary sector to people who basically wander in off the street?

    Is this wise?

    In many ways you can’t entirely blame the people dipping their hand in the till. The culture – at all levels – was that this was OK. It was “how things work around here”.

  5. paul smith says:

    I agree – except culture of corruption and fraud is not really an excuse (see House of Commons)

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