Alderman Robin Moss: stalker?

The Blogger’s newswires and phone lines have been alive today after the unwelcome internet reappearance of certifiable nutjob former Labour councillor for Easton, Robin Moss.

The Blogger just needs to return a couple of phone calls from some deeply pissed off and angry people; check a few files collecting dust on the shelves and then double check a few facts on the internet before happily imparting – in extremely gory, colourful detail – a lot of fascinating information about this sleazy little internet stalker weirdo and his dodgy little ways with our money.

However, the Blogger has also had contact from a number of people who strongly feel that these events, related to Easton Community Centre, which happened over five years ago now, are best left where they belong in the past in order that the various participants can continue to quietly move on as they’ve successfully done for some time now.

Therefore, in the circumstances, the Blogger openly invites this Alderman to understand the meaning of the word honour in his title of ‘Honorary Alderman’ and demonstrate the kind of integrity that should go along with any role in the public life of this city and unreservedly withdraw and apologise for any remarks he might have publicly made over the last week or so that involve participants in events at Easton Community Centre way back when.

The choice is his. He’s got 48 hours. Then it’s open season …

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2 Responses to Alderman Robin Moss: stalker?

  1. BS5exile says:

    my most favourite essay on ther interweb 🙂

  2. TBB says:

    Good article that.

    Especially interesting to read that a volunter was reporting genuine concerns to the authorities and nothing was being done.

    I was reading some notes last night of a further THREE such reports being made by volunteers. One to community development at BCC, one to funders SRB and one to the local MP!

    Add to that the Easton Renewal regeneration scheme and the Urban funding scheme, also run out of BCC premises at Wilder Street and that’s FIVE reports made to the authorities between 1999-2001

    Nothing was done of course.

    But surely this cannot be attributed to incompetence or error can it? It’s more like systematic, endemic and institutionalised corruption.

    It’s also interesting that Serpico says:

    As I and others sink further into crappy, thankless jobs whilst those who I see as being directly responsible for the closure of Easton Community Centre and other incompetence and mis-management continue their unimpeded journey along lucrative career paths

    We do seem to have a situation where whistleblowers – the volunteers that this public money was supposed to help – were being consigned to call centres and factories while the ‘professionals’, earning the salaries, who were responsible for the proper management of this money turned a blind eye and got promoted

    As I’ve got the detailed notes, maybe, once the 48 hours are up, someone should do a ‘Where are they now?’ column, where we can learn all about how deliberately ignoring any reports of fraudulent activity with public money is good for your career in Bristol.

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