Grabbed a bite to eat at the Spyglass this evening after work.

What with all this publicity recently about restaurants adding service charges to our bills and then using it pay their staffs’ basic crappy wages, we thought we’d check with the waitress that the charge from this wannabe “Bristol institution” went directly to staff on top of their wages.

“Er, no,” eventually came an embarrassed reply from the waitress.

We told her to deduct their 10% management scam service charge from the bill and gave her a fiver when we left.

What a bunch of fucking con artists.

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4 Responses to TIP WATCH

  1. Jozer says:

    Dirty f***ers!

    I have long had a policy of tipping the waiter/ess directly in cash precisely because I don’t trust resturant owners. C***s.

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    You need to refuse to pay the service charge too. In many cases it goes straight into the bosses hands.

    Perhaps we could start monitoring what restaurants are doing this on here? If anyone eats out ask what they’re doing with the service charge.

    Tips for workers not for bosses!

    Let us know on bristol_citizens@yahoo.co.uk or leave a comment.

  3. Chris Millman says:

    I would like to know that.

    Personally, I don’t drink anywhere that uses a patio heater, and that seems to be the Spyglass’s entire concept.

  4. Rosso Verde says:

    Apparently the “Coals” place in Carboot circus behaves in a similar way, if no tip is given they deduct it from the staffs wages – mean tight fisted tossers!

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