Public money: private abuse

You may have read in the Evening Cancer on Friday that police are investigating allegations of abuse at Kingsmead Lodge Nursing Home in Shire.

This private residential care home, specialising in dementia, is run by a Nottingham-based company, Mimosa Healthcare Group, who sell their product with the motto “Where people Matter”.

In recent years – since, in fact, our councillors unaminously voted in 2005 to farm out all of our care of the elderly to businesses in order to pay off a multi-million pound overspend run up by incompetent social service senior managers – places like Kingsmead Lodge have been used extensively by Bristol City Council Social Services.

Now five former staff from the home have come forward and made sworn statements about what’s been going on in this home.

The allegations, which the Cancer’s been a little reticent to spell out so far describe “a regime run by bullying and fear where you would suffer repercussions if you spoke out or reported any incidents.”

And there’s a lot more than this, which The Blogger will be posting later in the week.

Mimosa declined to comment to the Cancer but they’ve certainly been busy since the story broke on Friday.

Yesterday saw Mimosa begin their fightback with the usual soppy PR moves. A new management team seems to have miraculously appeared at the home and a private meeting for relatives of residents in the home was held.

This meeting predictably excluded the family of the complainant and the press. Instead they were left to freeze outside the home and threatened with arrest while Mimosa’s top brass were left unchallenged to imply that all five former members of staff must be lying.

If you’re interested in this story, keep an eye on the public forum at the council’s
Health Scrutiny Commission tomorrow at the Council House.

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8 Responses to Public money: private abuse

  1. BristolPatriot says:

    The even more sickening comment I read in the cancer was that BCC officers intended to cxontinue to send even more victims to the slaughter whilst enquiries were made.

  2. Lizard Watcher says:

    I just don’t get these corporate names… Mimosa… why would a healthcare company name themselves after a plant that flinches? I don’t get it. Must have been on the expensive advice of some PR CONsultant.

  3. Rosso Verde says:

    I notice Mr “Homecare Privatisation” John Kiely is trying to get back on the council.

  4. kim says:

    My Mother has been spat on, slapped and had her thumbs nearly broken. She identified the perpertrators too Social Services. Nobody was suspended and no charges made as they say she cant stand trial.  So  this means anybody whom can’t stand trial are wide open too abuse as there is no one  to stand up for them. That automatically means thousands of people across the country and nothing will be done. SHAMEFUL!

  5. Deb says:

    Shamful, If the home is above board they would of gladly invited all and sumdry in.
    I work in a nursing home and staff are always mindful that most nurses/carers do a good job but a very small minority in some homes are slyly abusive. They hurt slyly one second and are smiling at the good staff, families and SCSI the next. Abusers also only pick on a few not all of the resident. They pick on the ones they take a dislike to. It never stops because once an abusers has this mentality some poor resident is at the top of the ‘your annoying me list’.As I said at the beginning if Kingsmead Lodge have nothing to hide, then they can go through the procedure with their heads held high and know the truth will come out.
    Any-one who thinks their relative has been abused, thank you for standing up for your own and eventually this will help others.

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  7. ionji says:

    i like your post when i first time read your blog

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