Mimosa: "expect arrests imminently"?

Oh dear, what a bad day for the Mimosa Healthcare Group in Bristol.

You can be forgiven if you took your eye off the ball today – what with all that underwhelming Babs taking over from Helen bollocks at the Council House last night – and maybe missed the article in today’s Cancer explaining that besieged Kingsmead Lodge owners Mimosa’s Sunnymead Manor home in Southmead has just scored a big fat zero in its latest inspection report from the Commission for Social Care Inspection.

Yes, quite predictably, a private care provider extensively used by Bristol Social Services is a complete and utter load of total shit and Bristol City Council hadn’t noticed.

But it doesn’t end there. It also seems that officers of the Coroner’s Court have been putting themselves about a bit and have visited the lacklustre coppers of Southmead who have been sitting on various Kingsmead Lodge whistleblowers’ statements for weeks now with little sign of action.

No longer we learn. “Expect some arrests imminently,” we’re being told.

Meanwhile, it looks like Mimosa may have been paid a visit too as they’ve suddenly executed an interesting last minute u-turn.

They were supposed to be holding the disciplinary hearing into the 18 year old whistleblower they suspended for reading a newspaper tomorrow.

Alas no longer. Mimosa’s absurd Operations Manager, Mark Butler, instead spent the day making manic phone calls cancelling his deranged show trial and promising a full explanation in writing soon.

I wonder, what’s Babs’s new, shiny, honest and open regime going to do about all this then? Follow Labour’s approach of sticking their heads firmly in the sand and hiding behind Social Services boss Kathy Morgan‘s pretend investigations?

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3 Responses to Mimosa: "expect arrests imminently"?

  1. BristolPatriot says:

    Just how wide spread can the abuse of our parents;grandparents and our older generation be spread??


  2. Ben from Bishopston says:

    “I wonder, what’s Babs’s new, shiny, honest and open regime going to do about all this then?”

    wll it’s interesting that Babs has appointed my local Councillor Bev Knott to be in charge of this one. Bev is besotted by Barbara to an extent that even fellow Lib Dems find embarrassing! (His nickname is ‘teachers pet’). Whatever he does Babs will be firmly pulling the strings, and if past form is anything to go by she’ll follow the officer line.

  3. jay says:

    My sister was a qualified nurse for 22 years and did move around a few nursing homes. She finally packed it in because she found the widespread lack of simple care was detrimental to HER health. She reported many times and everytime it was hushed up in a “professional manner”.
    Anyway the story ends the elderly are still being abused and my sister is much happier on less than half her pay working in the bodyshop!

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