It tolls for thee Kathy

Strong rumours have been reverberating around the Blogger’s newswires today that the coroner will be opening an inquest tomorrow into the death of a former resident at Kingsmead Lodge Nursing Home last autumn (Blogger passim).

The news might come as a particular blow to Social Services boss Kathy Morgan who confidently fired off a letter to the deceased’s relatives just this Tuesday assuring them that her department had fully investigated this matter – along with allegations of abuse of another relative they have in the home – and everything was fine and dandy.

Kathy’s evidence on oath to the Coroner on the so far undisclosed nature of her investigation into this matter promises to be all-ticket event then.

Meanwhile the Cancer’s report earlier in the week that an 18 year old whistleblower at the home was suspended pending disciplinary action takes a new turn.

Mimosa, owners of Kingsmead, are now claiming that the teenager wasn’t suspended for whistleblowing at all. Oh no perish the thought. She was suspended – like employers would do – for reading a newspaper!

And in a final example of the level of desperate bullshit emanating from this care home, Mimosa dispatched a lawyer to the local Employment Tribunal today to explain that a statement of their case they put in a few months ago, signed by Mimosa Director Barbara Cotman, was inaccurate and they now have a new and completely different version.

It’s like the last days of Rome isn’t it?

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13 Responses to It tolls for thee Kathy

  1. The Jolly Blogger says:

    It’s like a car crash in slow motion. Will bum disease Ormondroyd herself be playing a violin as the whole thing burns?

  2. Phil says:

    Bringing everything together and more to follow soon there will be enough drama to make this into a film!
    My ending would be the abusers burning in hell.

  3. Spectator says:

    I’ve just been looking at the Evening Cancer’s website, and they’ve got a piece up about how BCC may become the first local authority in Britain to run its own herd of cows?!

    Is this a new scheme to provide jobs for BCC officers when they’ve succeeded in messing up their current posts? Kathy Morgan up for a new start as a milkmaid, David Bishop trying his hand as a cowherd… on second thoughts though, the RSPCA would probably have something to say about such serious incompetents in charge of cattle.

  4. badnewswade says:

    I can just see the press release now: “The cows have all had their biological status re-assigned pending a report into demand for petfood. There is no truth in the scurrilous allegations that they have been sold to Whiskas PLC. We are proud of our partnership with the makers of Pedigree Chum and any further remarks concerning the petfood issue will be met by legal action.”

  5. thebristolblogger says:

    Brilliant idea!

    Let’s identify an extremely vulnerable and fragile highly localised market – due to low, specialised demand, high overheads, a difficult retail environment etc. Then enter that industry, throw loads of hidden government subsidy at it and watch the existing businesses collapse.

    What a good idea. Watch the cabinet vote for it after telling us what a fantastic business idea it is with a perfect fit to their green capital tosh.

  6. badnewswade says:

    Surely they’d be going up against Farmer Palmer and the whole green-wellied fox-torturing community though – Oh. Oh yeah. Avon doesn’t exist any more, does it? So those hicks in South Glos or wherever can just cram it. Amirite?

    Is it just me, or is it really since the demise of Avon County Council that our local government has turned into a legalized version of Goodfellas?

  7. chris hutt says:

    Talking about the Green Crapital tosh, the announcement of the winners for 2010 and 2011 will be made on Monday! Nothing in local media about it so I guess Bristol already know they’ve lost. A shame, I was looking forward to the absurdity.

    “The first award winners – for 2010 and 2011 – will be announced at an award ceremony in Brussels on 23 February 2009. Immediately afterwards information about the winners and their ideas and plans as European Green Capitals will be published on this page.”


  8. thebristolblogger says:

    I was looking forward to the absurdity.

    It would have kept us in sensational blogging material for a year wouldn’t it?

    Still there’s always cycling city isn’t there?

  9. chris hutt says:

    Not only that but it would have brought in all the international ‘visitors’ to our blogs.

    It’s always reassuring to see regular blog visitors from the places like the Netherlands, Germany or California and rather thrilling when you get the odd one or two from such exotic locations as Ecuador and Vietnam.

  10. Blooby...Blobby...Blobby says:

    Noel Edmonds makes dramatic appeal to Labour Administration to open a new Blobby wonderland, Administration accepts!!!!

    Mr.Blobby in a rare speech says.Blooby…Blobby…Blobby…Blooby…Blobby…Blobby…Blooby…Blobby…Blobby

  11. Durassache or not Durassache!!! says:

    Dear Cllr Walker.Rose e lie

    Ihave recently become aware of an excellent business opportunity in that your organisation is about to embark on possibly going into the farming business might I suggest a more dilligent waste of puiblic money could be to build europes largest Durassache park??
    Being as this great City has the largest conglomaration of fossilised politicians,it just has to be the greatest monilithe you and your coleagues could create as a [further] long lasting degradation of the greatest city in the known world.
    Of course wewould need a hefty staff team to run such a glorious waste of funds: the Hull renowned bum disease Ormondroyd. head of insecurity Jonny boy house etc etc.

    I am sure you gain my drift on this wonderful scam. A further thought might be fly tourists into Bristol airport ,easy access at only 12 miles away we could then transport them by a highly expensive bus trasit scheme to the centre,then use our newly aquired herd of expensive cattle to cart them around? Just a thought you and our very large team of overpaid staff can no doubt come up with quite a few more inappropriate Wheezes. Perhaps Derek could sell some of his very expensive wine?? Well the list is endless and terminal as ever.
    Still it has to be worth a try,


  12. badnewswade says:

    I guess Bristol already know they’ve lost. A shame, I was looking forward to the absurdity.

    I think we dodged a bullet there. If Cycling City’s anything to go buy, the lucky winner of Green Capital will have every tree in the city cut down and replaced with a grey concrete sculpture of a mooning quangocrat that squirts DDT and battery acid from its’ nether regions.

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