EYLA for Bristol?

Boris and Ray

The Bristol Blogger’s been following Boris Johnson’s Deputy Mayor fiasco over Ray Lewis – the defrocked priest, liar, fantasist and purveyor of Tory-funded boot camps for black kids – with interest and amusement for a week now.

And it must be said, judging by the sheer levels of political incompetence, in-fighting and intrigue at London’s City Hall, that the sooner we get a mayoral system here in Bristol the better for us bloggers.

Anyway, this turned up in today’s Independent. It’s from the chaplain of Lewis’s boot camp – the Eastside Young Leaders Academy – the Rev Bruce Stokes:

The prospect of similar academies being set up in Luton, Southwark, Bristol and several northern cities is now at risk, he says.

If anyone has any further information about these plans for Lewis and the EYLA to set up in Bristol please get in touch …

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  1. Gary Hopkins says:

    Surely there cannot be another connection between Luton and Bristol apart from the completely unconnected coincidence of Ms McCarthy

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