Alan Partridge moment?

I\'m Alan Partridge

Looks like Kerry McCarthy is having something of an Alan Partridge moment over on her blog …

A few offhand comments on Dutch coffee houses, cannabis and the smoking ban seem to have attracted the attention of those sane and rational folk at FOREST. So far today she’s had 61 comments and still counting.

Aaaah the joy of the internet!

Meanwhile the vegan MP is also reporting she’s turned down an invite to the National Pig Association’s parliamentary launch of “a report highlighting public sector procurement patterns of pork and bacon”. It’ll be interesting to see how they take the news …

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  1. Chris Hutt says:

    So now we know how to boost the number of visits to our own blogs. All we have to do is make some oblique reference to the smoking ban, slip a link off to Forest and sit back and watch the site meter go haywire!

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