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CONsultation: the latest farce

In case you missed it – which is highly likely as the only place it’s advertised is buried in a PDF document in an obscure corner of the city council’s website – there’s currently an “ongoing” public consultation for the … Continue reading

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Victim watch

Another big shout out to our friend Farooq Siddique, Evening Cancer columnist and self-styled voice of the Muslim community. In Today’s column Farooq dished up this treat: For every act or planned act of terrorism, it is the Muslim community … Continue reading

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History as bunk

A brilliant critique of the Museum of Bristol project and its embarrassing heritage-lite approach to the city’s history has appeared on the Festival of Ideas website. The piece, by ‘Tetchy Steve’, is a response to a talk at the festival … Continue reading

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Plug: Recycle Your Unwanted Stuff!

Bristol Indymedia is pleased to announce the launch of our Indycycle service. Indycycle is a way of people re-cycling things they no longer need to people who may have a use for it. It is similar to the ideas of … Continue reading

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Account and accountability: The Blogger vs Venue

The Blogger wrote a letter recently to Venue in response to an article on local bloggers, which featured this blog. Of course I can’t link to the actual article because they still don’t put their editorial on the internet … … Continue reading

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