Victim watch

Another big shout out to our friend Farooq Siddique, Evening Cancer columnist and self-styled voice of the Muslim community. In Today’s column Farooq dished up this treat:

For every act or planned act of terrorism, it is the Muslim community that will suffer the consequences.

Really? Do we now have to believe that the consequences of, say, the 7 July 2005 London bombings were suffered primarily by Muslims rather than the 52 left dead, the 700-odd injured plus their families, friends and colleagues, all from a multiplicity of backgrounds?

Is this embarrassing self-pitying drivel supposed to improve community relations? And does Siddique intentionally set out to offend or is he simply an insensitive buffoon? You decide.

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1 Response to Victim watch

  1. redzone says:

    i think he is simply an insensitive buffoon.
    some of his remarks are pretty unremarkable to say the least.
    he certainly fails to inspire & also fails miserably to make any improvements to community relations, in my opinion!!

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