Meet big brave Rees, hero of "the resistance"

John Rees - SWP
Herr Kommandant John Rees

Speaking alongside the right wing Islamist fanatic Ibrahim Mousawi at Friday’s Reichsmeeting of Bristol’s Stop the War Coalition was none other than John Rees.

This nasty little goatee-bearded mini-Fuhrer is actually a west country boy from Chippenham, where – in a town that returns BNP councillors – he still probably manages to be the place’s most high-profile and notorious exponent of far right wing racist violence ever.

Rees is also a leader of the creepy Marxist/Trotskyist cult, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), basically a bunch out of control social workers hyped on a weird brand of Marxism straight out of the middle years of the last century; crazed levels of anti-American sentiment and the constant glorification of terrorist violence and mass death in the Middle East.

The SWP seized control of the weak leadership of UK’s Stop the War Coalition soon after its popular height in 2003 through the use of classical entryist tactics. And since gaining this control, they have – for reasons best known to themselves – deliberately led this once hugely popular and mainstream movement down a blind alley of insane support for various ultra-violent, right wing Islamist thugs across the Middle East.

Judging by his performance on Friday, Kommandant Rees, now also a leader of Stop the War, is not a man apparently plagued with self doubt – or familiar with any other form of self awareness for that matter – and seems to have an extraordinarily high opinion of himself while having only a passing acquaintance with reality. He blithely told the gathered ranks of Bristol’s Al-Loonie We’re-Encouraging-Some-Other-Poor-Brainwashed-Fucker-To-Be-A-Martyr’s Brigade on Friday evening:

If I had been alive during the Spanish Civil War I would have fought the fascists in Spain if I had a chance to do it. I am not a pacifist. If the Nazis had invaded and I had been alive, I would have fought them

The delusionary lunatic then went on to compare himself to the French resistance and the Italian partisans of World War 2 before providing us with a fascinating insight into his favoured holiday destination – that well-known playground of the poor and downtrodden – Tuscany!

Fighting talk indeed from Herr Kommandant Rees, a man who seems to have a full-time job encouraging extremist Arab Islamist groups to fight a vicious and unwinnable war of destruction with Israel from the comfort of a platform a mere 1,000 miles away from any danger.

What a brave and committed man.

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6 Responses to Meet big brave Rees, hero of "the resistance"

  1. Another Chippenese says:

    Are you sure about the whole Chippenham returns BNP councillors thing? Last time I checked that was Corsham…

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    Yeah. I should have made it clear I meant the Chippenham constituency, which includes Corsham I believe?

  3. badnewswade says:

    Pure class from Dialect Radio:

    Moussawi: “I’m not a terrorist, I’m a freedom fighter”

    Phew. Well that’s all right then. ‘Cause he’d obviously tell us if he was a terrorist, wouldn’t he?

  4. thebristolblogger says:

    Just watched his speech from December on youtube and he says exact same thing.

    He also says: “The future of the [Middle East] is Political Islam. Take it or leave it.” Political Islam is the current academic choice of words for what’s also called Islamism and Islamo-fascism depending on your point of view.

  5. badnewswade says:

    This should get you the TV station he used to run before he was a slimy PR for terrorist scum crusading journalist-cum-newspaper editor

    Right now it’s playing the “lovely children telling us how they were hassled by eeeeevil Israeli soldiers to ominious music” show.

  6. Jozer says:

    ‘Political Islam’. Hmmmmmmm. The marriage of religion & politics. I wonder what he thinks of the Orange Order. ‘The future of Northern Ireland is political Protestantism, take it or leave it’.

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