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It’s been another big week for Bristol journalism …

“Dream Jobs! How to get them by those who know,” announces the front cover of this week’s Venue.

Sounds good. We could all do with a dream job. Here at the Blogger we’re ready and waiting to take on the chairmanship of the Committee of Public Safety (Bristol Area). So how do we do it?

To answer this burning question, Venue consults none other than “Festival Organiser Emily Eavis”. Although quite what’s so exciting about spending your life producing endless Health and Safety risk assessments so that 100,000 students can listen to Paul McCartney is anybody’s guess.

Emily is, of course, the daughter of Michael Eavis, the former organiser of, er … Glastonbury Festival! So how on earth did she ever get this dream job?

Luckily Venue hacks are on hand to interview Emily and explain this mystery: “There’s no course or qualification as such,” explains Emily helpfully.

“Get some work experience, work on different events, see how other people do it,” she sagely advises.

Oh and also make sure daddy’s a wealthy landowner who can just hand you a job on a plate …

Meanwhile – in this busy week for top journalism in the city – over at Harry’s Place they’ve been taking an interest in the vice-chair of the Bristol branch of the NUJ, Tony Gosling.

Apparently the brilliant investigative hack and public representative for the footsoldiers of our city’s media army in their endless battle to bring us the truth has decided that Wednesday’s earthquake in Lincolnshire was in fact covert underground nuclear testing conducted by the MoD at a secret airbase!!!

Blimey. If this is the best our hacks can do then you begin to see how Cancer editor New Bunny Norton has risen so far. Compared to the rest of them, arriving in town two years ago and completely not transforming the city’s ailing rag by changing its font slightly and introducing a horse and pony page on Saturdays begins to resemble journalistic genius.

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14 Responses to Scoop!

  1. BristleKRS says:

    Count yourself lucky, he’s also my neighbourhood SPUnC rep 🙁

    Funny thing is, I distinctly remember him a few years back explaining how the NUJ was a moribund union which didn’t represent its members properly, which was why he’d joined the BAJ or CIJ or something instead.

  2. Chris Hutt says:

    Talking about the fearless investigative reporting of the Cancer, did you spot this gem from Thursday’s edition. Who says that journalistic standards are slipping!

  3. BristleKRS says:

    His future mother-in-law Louise Rothery, from Clifton, said Mr Reed may have cut himself on coral while going for a midnight swim after a few drinks.

    Never heard that one before 😀

  4. Chris Hutt says:

    I love the comments of Inspector Contreras –

    “The problem is he hasn’t been able to tell us anything because he says he can’t remember anything. We believe he had been drinking heavily and that may have been a factor in his failure to remember anything.”

    If only we had policeman of that calibre here in Blighty …….oh, we have.

  5. Jozer says:

    Did they also get to interview a certain young lady who could have told them how to walk straight out of Uni’ and in to a ‘dream job’ on the Guardian’s website? Simply work hard, make a lot of contacts, and be the editor’s daughter (but use your mother’s maiden surname so it isn’t tooooooo obvious).

  6. Feisty Fairy says:

    Calm down, sweetheart! The jealousy outfit really is wearing thin. If you’re so desperate to write for Venue, just try again! I’m sure they’d have you back … tea always needs a lady to make it …

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  8. Bristol blogger lies then disappears up its own **** over this story

    Tried to leave a comment about this story at the Bristol Blogger site which boasts “I’m directly accountable to the public through the operation of an open and unmoderated comments system on my blog, which – as far as I can tell – is vastly more accessible and directly accountable to the public than anything offered by yourselves.”

    But it won’t let me leave any comments – technical error no doubt 😉

    This was their distorted version of my Faldingworth ramblings

  9. Bluebaldee says:

    Good God man, have you been stewing over this for four and a half months?

    Methinks you should get out more……

  10. thebristolblogger says:

    Eh? You post a comment. It appears.

    But I lie when I say I have an open and unmoderated comments system. Go figure.

  11. You shouldn’t silence the hard done by journalist he might be right. Or is it you lot here who are really the reptiloids out to take over???? Or is that just taking it literally.

  12. brucehood says:

    Why the hell is my post now linked to your blog??

  13. BristleKRS says:

    Possibly the link from your post to this blog was automatically generated by WordPress in the bit at the end of the post that says:

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

  14. Mrs Trebus says:

    Or you might perhaps ascribe it to supernatural forces, Professor …

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