The Blogger get's it wrong, wrong, wrong

Not an admission we have to make around here that often you’ll agree and, yes, it’s hard to countenance but The Blogger’s got it wrong. On Friday we said:

In another piece of transport news, that no doubt will be an EXCLUSIVE in next week’s Evening Cancer, car drivers and commuters will be ecstatic to learn that Bristol City Council is raising long-stay parking charges by 25%.

Complete and utter nonsense I’m afraid. Total fabrication in fact. Simply a product of fertile imaginations it must be said. Because although, as predicted, the story did indeed appear in today’s Cancer we’re pleased to report it was not billed as an EXCLUSIVE!!! The Blogger’s happy to correct this uncharacteristic error.

This news was, however, enough to get The Cancer’s editor-in-chief, Mikey Norton, rolling up his sleeves and bringing out the big guns of his op/ed team to deliver an editorial on the matter. “As a transport policy it is travesty,” they thunder.

So very special congratulations need to go out to city council transport officer Colin Knight the author of this nonsense and his Labour party boss and backer transport supremo, Mark Bradshaw, for coming up with an idea so self-serving and crap that it has more-or-less united every shade of political opinion outside the Council House against them.

Will it change the minds of anyone inside the Council House? Will it fuck.

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2 Responses to The Blogger get's it wrong, wrong, wrong

  1. Hmmm... says:

    Presumably that’s an ironic rogue apostrophe in the headline?

  2. jandahiny says:

    Mike’s mum? Oh yeah, nodded Sarah, She was unbuttoned was she?

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