An invitation to the shed?

Sid and Doris's shed in Sea Mills

Sid and Doris Bonkers may soon have to send out that first gilt-edged invitation for a night out in their shed in Sea Mills.

Writer of a The Naked Guide To Bristol, Gil Gillespie, who also used to write a few smart-assed music reviews for Venue in the 90s has started a blog – 1001 Reasons Why Britain is Crap. Very amusing it is too.

You better get over there quick mind. He only started on 9 October and he’s on number 26 already.

COMING SOON: An amazing new feature!!!! Since the blogroll on here is getting rather long and unwieldy, when we can be arsed, it’ll be divided up into local blogs and national/international blogs. How’s that for user friendly?

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3 Responses to An invitation to the shed?

  1. BristleKRS says:

    User friendly?!

    Come back when you have 4 podcast categories, 15 blog categories and 149 subject categories 😉

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    Yeah but I bet you haven’t got an i-Phone!

  3. BristleKRS says:

    ‘Ark at Stephen Fry!

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