Meet the Met

There’s an interesting piece of film courtesy of FIT* watch on Indymedia showing what happens when a group of people attempt to try:

A minutes applause will be held outside the home of the Rt Hon David Cameron, to celebrate his remarkable achievements in this meritocratic, classless society.

FITWatch definitely look like the group to watch at the moment. There’s also some rushes of a Class War video on Indymedia and Notting Hill’s Roughler TV should be getting a film together too.

Another report of the day from Jonathan in Maryport is also now available:

The afternoon however proved to be much more fun. Class Wars’, “Bash The Rich; Toffs Out!” march started at 2pm in Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Although I’m not an anarchist like my mate I was with I am very interested in the politics of Class War. The Class War Federation were once a movement capable of mobilising thousands upon the streets such as the Bash The Rich marches and Stop The City marches of the 80’s

*FIT stands for Forward Intelligence Team, a division of the Met solely concerned with having a high visibility presence on the streets as they collect “intelligence” on political activists.

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