Labour Party funding: another day, another writ?

It just gets better and better. Gordon Brown’s under siege fundraiser the increasingly calm and rational Jon Mendelsohn has now threatened – live on BBC Radio Five Live – to sue the Evening Standard for libel!!!

Great news. That’s Labour’s second threat of a writ in two days! When will they be delivered? Here at The Blogger we can’t wait. Now there’s two opportunities at the High Court to hear all about Labour Party funding. Book your tickets early kids.

Unfortunately for Mendelson The Standard’s owners Associated Newspapers, owners also of the Daily Mail, don’t appear overly concerned by the threat. Indeed they’ve even popped The Standard’s story on the Daily Mail website in case any of us miss it.

So the line up is: some sleazy Labour Party spiv in deep shit v’s Associated Newspapers, the most influential newspaper group in the country. What could the outcome possibly be? Anyone remember Johnathan Aitken?

If you want to know why Associated are very relaxed tonight, here’s a couple of stories from Greg Palast about Mendelson:

“There are 17 people that count. To say that I am intimate with every one of them is the understatement of the century”

Brown’s Fixer Explains How It’s Done: Jon Mendelsohn and the Secret Tape

UPDATE: Another reason the Standard might be so relaxed is because their source they say is “excellent”. Indeed one of Harriet Harman’s supporters was seen last night at Shepherd’s Restaurant, Westminster with the Standard journalist that wrote the story! Oh dear. How awful. Looks like they’re all turning on each other now! This could be bloody!!!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Harriet Harman in undeclared loans shocker!!! Tonight on Newsnight.

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